The Verace Wine Story

The majority of our wine list is Italian or from the regions bordering Italy. We have kept our prices modest, marking them up half as much as the industry standard in an effort to expose our guests to some of the most wonderful wines within reach.

Our Sustainable Approach

At Verace, we strive to both reduce our impact on the environment and to eliminate frivolous costs. Verace offers both a unique wine program and approach to purified water that will do both.

The cost of the bottle, the cork, the cap, the case it is shipped in, the marketing and the cost of shipping all of that weight take up over more than half of the cost of the average bottle of wine. These byproducts of the wine you drink are also harmful to the environment.

Verace has designed a wine program that features award-winning wines served on tap. Custom developed blends and hand selected wines are shipped in 50 liter barrels and then locally transferred to stainless-steel-lined Eco Kegs sitting behind the bar at Verace. The wine is pushed through the system with nitrogen, reducing exposure to oxygen and therefore minimizing the deterioration of the wine’s flavor profile. This provides less risk of corkage and bottle waste.

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